In-App Protection for Critical Apps

Trustonic’s in-app protection platform makes it easy for app developers to build advanced security and shielding into critical mobile apps.

Our solutions are EMVCo, GlobalPlatform, Common Criteria and FIPS 140 certified. Trustonic app protection is unique in the market, combining both hardware-backed & software-based Trusted Execution Environment capabilities, including code protection, obfuscation, white-box cryptography and anti-tampering.

Advanced mobile application security for critical apps in all industries, including Banking, mPOS, Crypto Wallet, Enterprise, Government, Automotive, FinTech and Payments.

Mobile application security without compromise

As the use of smartphones and mobile devices increases, and cyber-attacks become more persistent and sophisticated, application security best practices are paramount. Get it wrong and it could cost you and your customers financially, not to mention your hard-earned reputation; get it right and your app will be robustly protected and deliver the best user experience.
Some solutions make you choose between security, simplicity, user experience and performance. With Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) there’s no compromise: you develop just once, and our mobile app protection secures your app using the best mobile app security available for the end user’s device and operating system, whilst delivering a seamless user experience (UX).

Application Protection

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Trustonic Application Protection product information. Mobile in-application protection for all industries, including Banking, mPOS, Crypto Wallet, Enterprise, Government, Automotive, FinTech and Payments.

Protect the Trustonic way – Isolation is paramount

With Trustonic Application Protection (TAP), developers need only identify the security-critical parts of an app; such as sensitive code and processes, biometric and user data, and security-sensitive user interactions like confirmation screens and PIN entry. TAP robustly protects these component parts of the app. By isolating the sensitive code along with its data in a secure location, away from the main operating system, our in-app protection protects from all types of attack.

Develop once for iOS and Android application security

Trustonic’s Application Protection (TAP) has an easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) that allows you to build secure mobile apps rapidly and cost-effectively, for 100% of user devices across the Android and iOS platforms. You need only develop one solution: TAP automatically optimises protection for the device on which the app runs. Using the standards-based SDK, you can develop a new app or better protect an existing one.

So, whether you’re looking to authenticate users, secure confidential data, payments, passwords, messages or keys, Trustonic’s Application Protection provides the security you and your customers need. Now you can deliver richer, faster experiences without compromising on security or simplicity.

Advanced mobile application protection for critical apps in all industries

Application security – Strong hardware and software protection, combined

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) combines the power of the most advanced hardware and software application protection technologies available, something no other solution can offer. TAP will leverage the best security technologies available on a given device. Only Trustonic embeds its hardware protection—the Trusted Execution Environment, or TEE—into the devices of the world’s top manufacturers. When your TAP app runs on a device equipped with the TEE, it is protected within this hardware-isolated world. The Trusted Execution Environment minimizes the attack surface, preventing mass-scale attacks and threats such as reverse-engineering, tampering, malware, and trojans.

More advanced in-app protection than standard application shielding

On iOS and Android devices without this, your TAP app is secured with a “Software Trusted Execution Environment”. A software TEE offers more advanced protection than standard “mobile application shielding”. A software TEE provides high-level and easy-to-use security APIs abstracting from the comprehensive set of threat detection and software protection that it integrates, such as the most advanced code obfuscation, white-box cryptography and anti-tampering measures for defending the code and data, in use and at rest.

Android & iOS application protection

TAP’s easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) allows you to build secure apps rapidly and cost-effectively.

  • Develop App Mobile Security Solutions for App Developers

    TEE code is common across Android and iOS

    You need only develop one solution.

  • Deploy to App Stores Application Protection Android & iOS

    TAP SDK creates hardware and software TEE variants automatically

    TAP automatically optimizes protection for the device on which the app runs.

  • Run Android & iOS application protection

    Variant selected to match target device

    Using the standards-based SDK, you can develop a new app or better protect an existing one.

Developer-friendly toolkit – Secure mobile application development

The Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) SDK includes tools, samples and templates that make developing a TAP solution straightforward. TAP templates are available for Xcode and Android Studio, together with command-line scripts for added flexibility. Our sample apps guide developers through the process of creating typical TAP solutions. Developers can tap into a wealth of information in our SDK documentation, knowledge base and developer site.

Application Protection from Trustonic

Richer, faster user experiences

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) delivers the best user experience, regardless of the capabilities of the end-user device. TAP allows developers to employ the very latest security and user-experience features, knowing that these will be delivered to maximise performance. For example, developers can use Trustonic’s Trusted User Interface (TUI) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information exchanged between an application and user via an interface. Trusted User Interface (TUI) provides both secure input and secure display of sensitive information, isolated from the main OS during the interaction.

Mobile app protection needn’t be hard

Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) takes the complexity out of delivering advanced in-app protection, so you needn’t shy away from it. With our developer-friendly API and sample apps, you can easily create a TAP solution that runs on all Android and iOS devices. At runtime, TAP automatically selects the optimal type of mobile app protection: TEE hardware protection when available or our state-of-the-art software TEE.

Application security is at our core – Hardware and application protection software combined seamlessly

Trustonic’s technology has been baked into over 2 billion Android devices during manufacture. Using Trustonic’s Application Protection allows you to harness the power of this hardware- isolated world and strong device identity, giving your apps and your customers’ data trusted hardware protection on devices that support it.

Software TEE capability is integrated into Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) to create a complete mobile application protection solution for iOS and Android devices without accessible hardware-isolated security. TAP employs the very latest app shielding, code protection, white-box and anti-tampering technologies to protect the security-sensitive parts of your application.

Built, certified and continuously tested to the highest industry standards, you can be sure TAP meets the most stringent security criteria. That’s why we’re trusted to secure the apps of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, payment platforms, automakers, mobile operators, enterprises and governments.

Application Protection Case Studies

Application Protection Case Studies

Download customer success stories & case studies for critical mobile apps in financial services, government, enterprise and automotive.

Hyundai Digital Key and Connected Car Technology

Hyundai Digital Key and Connected Car Technology

Hyundai’s Digital Key app is secured by TAP. It allows drivers to lock and unlock their vehicle and start the car engine within a range of about 30 feet of the car, and to give access to four other authorized users via the app.

Volkswagen Digital Car Key Sharing App

Volkswagen Digital Car Key Sharing App Secured with TAP

Discover how our mobile application protection brings trust to Volkswagen’s virtual car key sharing app and opens up new possibilities for connected cars and end-users.

HCE Mobile Payment Application

Cartes Bancaires, dejamobile & Trustonic: HCE Mobile Payment Application

See how Trustonic Application Protection is enabling innovation in mobile payments at Cartes Bancaires.

WeChat Pay: Secure Mobile Digital Wallet Payment App

WeChat Pay: Secure Mobile Digital Wallet Payment App

Discover how our mobile in-app protection is bringing hardware-backed secure biometric authentication capabilities to users and third-party developers.

AliPay: Mobile Payment App

AliPay: Mobile Payment App

Discover how our mobile application security architecture is safeguarding consumer confidence in the millions of mobile payments made every day on AliPay.

75% of mobile apps would fail basic security tests – Protect your app with enterprise mobile application security

Mobile device security is often the weakest link in an organisations cybersecurity, hackers can exploit naive users and take control of advanced device features, for example:

  • Fake keyboards and input capture
  • Screen capture
  • Remote app take over
  • Rootkits and security exploits

Trustonic Application Protection with Trusted UI protects against these attacks.

Built for – App development leaders and security professionals who want the most advanced protection from mobile app security threats. Includes advanced application shielding and runtime application self-protection (RASP) security solutions for critical mobile apps:

  • Chief Security Officers (CSO) & Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) – The best security available for sensitive apps
  • Mobile application developers – Easy to use SDK for rapid deployment of ultra-secure apps without having to be an expert in all the latest mobile security technologies
  • Fraud and Risk Management professionals – Advanced protection of at-risk mobile channels
  • Digital Channel and Customer Experience leaders – Deliver the best user experience with the highest security
  • IT teams – Easy to deploy for new apps and when upgrading the security of existing apps
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