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Apple brings new meaning to Pay-As-You-Go : http://qz.com/282466

I have dreamed of the day that Pay-As-You go would actually mean just that. The problem with today’s Pay-As-You-Go is that it generally means “pre pay your mobile bill but stay on our network”. Buy more minutes than you can ever possibly use in month and which rapidly expire forcing you to “Top Up”. Every month. Hmm, this looks suspiciously like a monthly plan…

In 2010 I jointly filed a patent with some colleagues at G+D to address this problem. EP2437530 (A1)  –  Method for provisioning of a network access for a mobile communication device

With all the talk of mobile payments and SIM cards hosting payment apps I asked, “why not turn this around?, Why put a SIM in a phone when you could put a bank card in it instead? That payment instrument could then pay whoever has the best connectivity, bandwidth, price, at any given location anywhere in the world.”

Thank you Apple, four years later and with Apple Pay we have a payment instrument that can do just that.

Apple Pay will change what Pay-As-You-Go means for good.

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Trustonic Security to be Implemented in LG Mobile Smartphones

Bringing greater security to LG smartphones, responding to mobile network operator device lifecycle protection needs and helping 3rd party developers protect their apps.

22nd April 2020 – Mobile device and app security leader Trustonic has extended its partnership with LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, which will see Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP™) deployed on LG’s smartphones. This includes the introduction of Trusted User Interface (TUI) functionality that is vital to unlocking the next generation of strong app protection in mobile banking, mobile payments and mPOS, digital car key and mobile identity-based apps.

Korea’s KB Bank Uses Trustonic In-App Protection to Enhance Mobile Banking Experience

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2nd April, 2020 – Mobile cybersecurity leader, Trustonic, today announces the successful implementation by KB Kookmin Bank (KB Bank) of Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) to enable a simpler authentication experience for users of its KB Star Banking app.

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