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This year the annual global platform conference event included a TEE developer workshop. For the first time we had a day dedicated to developer topics – http://teeseminar.org/about_the_workshop.asp. This was a chance to educate developers on how to utilise the powerful security features the TEE brings, and evangelise the technology to the grass roots of the industry.

To this end, Trustonic teamed up with GOOD technology to show developers how to write and deploy TEE backed applications across the range of devices with Trustonic technology integrated.

Figure 1  Trustonic and GOOD on the bill

We showed the Trustonic SDK and a simple one time passcode (OTP) app implementation. We used the emulator and a development board to show the debugging process, and then deployed the application on a Samsung S6, LG Leon, HTC One M9 and a HP laptop.


Figure 2  Demo OTP app running on a S6

GOOD technology went onto to explain their use of the TEE and how they used the Trustonic SDK to further secure their GOOD Dynamics platform.

Figure 3  GOOD Dynamics and its use of the TEE

I am very happy to report there was a lot of interest and the conference was well attended by developers – we had two rooms in the end and gave the talk twice! For people interested in our SDK, please take a look here –https://www.trustonic.com/products-services/developer-program/.

Trustonic was the platinum sponsor of the event and proud to be so. The finale cocktail party was a lot of fun, and it was good to chat to developers, managers, and security experts informally. Some even tried our signature cocktail!

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