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How can mobile operators balance the challenge of meeting commercial targets without incurring additional commercial risk? What tools are available for a more nuanced, customer centric approach?

Mobile operators – new revenues without additional risks?

Dion Price, Trustonic CEO discussed this challenge and the tools we have to help during a recent Risk and Assurance Group interview with Eric Priezkalns.

We know from customer conversations that as many as 15% of customer are delinquent when it comes to paying their bills – this % rose by an additional 10-20% in many countries during the Covid-19 outbreak.  The current mechanisms for mobile operators to manage this are out of date & often require numbers calls from customer care, with the ultimate action to cease service. However, ceasing service is not only a poor customer experience, is it not an option in current times – operators across the globe need to do the right thing, and the regulators have also issued a directive in some markets.

Trustonic gives operators flexibility and adaptability, by enabling them to exercise “granular levels of control” to “nudge people back to payment”. Trustonic’s solution allows mobile operators to send payment reminder messages as well as provide tools to restrict aspects of device functionality.  This could be turning off all data – wifi and cellular, while keeping voice and SMS services for example.  Once the customer pays their bill, the device restrictions are lifted. In other words,  Trustonic helps MNOs back to revenue growth,  by giving them the tools to say “yes” more, without incurring additional commercial risk.  Get in touch if you want to know more enquiries@trustonic.com

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