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Trustonic from its start has been focused on bringing market leading security features to mobile devices. Our drive to provide the securest hardware-based solutions has never waivered; today over 500 Million devices incorporate our Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and we are proud to partner with 10 of the Top 12 Android Smartphone makers. With this breadth of device coverage millions of people enjoy (though many won’t ever know it!) a securer digital experience thanks to Trustonic and our partners.

One of the key challenges app developers face is how to easily and quickly take advantage of the advanced security features available in varying devices, while at the same time scaling their application easily across a wide distribution of device makers. Today Trustonic starts the next stage of our evolution, with the launch of Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP). Making it easier for app developers to utilize the most advanced security features available on a given device without having to deal with the complexities and variety between differing device security technologies and a fast evolving operating system world. In short, THP makes developing and protecting high value services easier and more efficient, and our differentiated security technology enables partners to deliver user experiences that are simpler, faster and richer.

Trustonic Hybrid Protection enables app developers to do several things: simply use the most advanced security features available in a device without having to know how they work in detail; scale their services across a wide range of devices without fragmenting the user experience; and get all these features by using one API simplifying their development process and costs.

The emerging IoT space shares many of the same parallels and security challenges that mobile has encountered. Without doubt, there are examples of highly secure IoT devices today. The challenge, just as in mobile, is how to handle the opening up of devices to run services from multiple third parties. We must remain focused on protecting the integrity of both the device itself, services running on the devices, and the person or “thing” interacting with it. THP can address the scalability needs of the IoT space bringing enhanced features to devices such as gateways, IVI rich connected cars, home medical monitoring devices and home automation.

We look forward to working with our ecosystem to do just that.

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