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Turning off-the-shelf mobile devices into secure contactless mPOS without the use of an add-on

LONDON, UK / MONTREAL, Canada –15 April, 2015: Trustonic, the leading provider of Trusted Executions Environments (TEE) for mobile devices and Mobeewave, the leading provider of contactless payment acceptance, have partnered to provide quicker and safer contactless payments for both merchants and consumers. The partnership of the two companies will allow Mobeewave-enabled NFC devices to reach best-in-class security level for accepting contactless transactions with a mobile.

In today’s mobile and connected world, there is an absolute requirement for a seamless user experience and flawless security. The combination of Mobeewave’s expertise in mobile acceptance with the unique security features of the Trustonic TEE answers this demand with an end-to-end secure Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) infrastructure for taking contactless card and wallet payments.

Up to now mPOS solutions have not completely secured the interaction with consumers on mobile devices unless merchants used add-on devices. Now, just by downloading the Mobeewave mPOS application into merchant mobile devices supporting the Trustonic technology, the consumers will be able to securely tap their contactless card or smartphone against the merchant’s mobile device. The Trustonic TEE technology secures the interaction with the cardholder on the merchant’s device itself by leveraging the Trusted User Interface.

This system not only benefits the big, established retailers who want to provide more flexibility and a better user experience, but also the small and mobile merchants who can’t afford the complex traditional POS infrastructure set up.  With this partnership, OEMs, carriers, financial institutions, retailers and consumers will benefit from a simpler, faster and more secure payment method.

“There is a lot of traction for mobile payment acceptance right now.  Partnering with Trustonic will definitely fast-track the adoption of this next revolution in mobile payment“, said Benjamin du Haÿs, CEO & co-founder of Mobeewave. “We’re happy to complement our offer by leveraging Trustonic’s innovative top-of-class platform.  We believe that the NFC mPOS key use case will highlight the need for better security as TEE can provide”, said Maxime de Nanclas, COO & Co-founder of Mobeewave

“The continuing trend for contactless payments changing the way we buy and sell has resulted in a need for more trust in our mobile devices”, said Olivier Leger, EVP S&M Trustonic.  “Mobeewave’s mPOS platform combined with Trustonic TEE provides an enhanced, safer and more streamlined digital experience for all parties.”


About Mobeewave

Mobeewave created the world’s first and only add-on-free mobile payment solution that turns an NFC device (phone or tablet) into a secure mobile payment terminal (mPOS). Mobeewave’s technology allows the phone to securely receive payment transactions made with all contactless cards and wallets available (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, HCE…). Mobeewave provides the highest level of payment security leveraging on Point-to-Point Encryption and EMV and is approved by major payment brands worldwide. Mobeewave’s contactless payment services are available for all gateways and banks willing to provide innovative mPOS offer to their merchants.

For more information, please visit www.mobeewave.com
Twitter @mobeewave

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