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Trustonic and Sequent Collaborate to Protect Mobile Services with TEE

Sequent and Trustonic Combine Platforms to Strengthen Mobile Payments, Transit, Access

Cambridge, UK and Santa Clara, California, USA: Sequent Software, the leader in bringing cards to mobile, and Trustonic, the leading provider of mobile device security, have announced a collaboration to increase the adoption of digital cards on smartphones and wearables.  This integration of Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) solution with Sequent Platform will increase the security of billions of digital cards and will bring about significant change in the fields of payment, transit, access control and hospitality applications.

Sequent Platform digitizes legacy plastic cards from card issuers, such as banks, transit agencies and access control companies and makes them usable on smartphones and wearables.  Any smartphone app can use these cards to make a payment, ride public transit systems, or get access to office buildings or student campuses.   For the first time, Sequent Platform will support THP, an advanced, hardware-based security technology to protect digital cards on TEE-enabled smartphones.  This new security option increases the number of smartphones Sequent can support with cards and, therefore, makes these smartphones more valuable in consumers’ everyday lives.

“Trustonic’s access to TEE hardware in smartphones has increased significantly in the last few years. Our collaboration is the natural next step in Sequent’s journey to bring billions of cards to billions of smartphones,” said Hans Reisgies, Sequent CTO. “Our industry has understandably focused on bringing bank-issued cards to smartphones over the last few years.  Trustonic’s technology will help Sequent bring the next billion cards–specifically digital transit cards, employee badges, student and government ID’s, and car keys–to both smartphones and wearables.”

“Sequent is using Trustonic’s THP solution to secure the mobile experience.” said George Kanuck, SVP, Sales & Marketing at Trustonic. “THP is being used to store user credentials securely, as well as to perform all cryptographic processing in a secure area, thus ensuring that the users’ secrets and encryption keys are always kept hidden. With this collaboration, delivering and deploying secure credentials on smartphones without compromising on security or user convenience becomes easier than ever.”