Device security is hard – Trustonic makes it easy

Trustonic hardware-based device security is used by OEMs, ODMs and manufacturers worldwide to deliver trust and protection for all kinds of devices. From CPUs and MCUs to smartphones, wearables, automotive IVI & telematics systems and healthtech devices, our platform delivers total protection and compliance with industry-mandated requirements.

Cybersecurity Excellence Award Best Embedded Security

Embedded Device Security

Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP) is a proven and scalable hardware-backed security solution that enables OEMs to achieve total device protection and comply with industry-mandated security requirements. TSP also lays the foundation for third-party app developers to deliver services that leverage the same strong embedded device security and trust capabilities as OEMs.

TSP delivers a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on devices, which is a secure area of the main processor that guarantees that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted and physically isolated environment. Trustonic offers the only TEE that allows the installation of trusted applications and services, both at the time of manufacture and post-deployment by third-party application owners.

TSP is extensively deployed worldwide in more than 100 smartphone OEM factories and has been integrated into over 2 billion devices to date. It is used by Android OEMs to protect biometric verification, DRM content and overall Android platform security, and by manufacturers of wearables, automotive IVI systems, vehicle telematics and heathtech devices.

Wearable Device Security

Wearable Device Security

Casio is using Trustonic’s hardware-backed security to enable enhanced smartwatch features, functionality, speed and ease of use for outdoor adventurers.

Connected Health Device Security

Connected Health Device Security

Trustonic’s hardware-backed security platform, TSP, enables secure and private data extraction, processing, storage and transmission.

TSP also delivers mobile device protection to many third-party applications, including payment, banking, FinTech, automotive, government, mobile operator and enterprise apps. In the automotive sector and in IoT devices it protects OEM IP, eliminates counterfeit hardware from entering the value chain and isolates code against malware. In addition to delivering an open TEE for application class processors, Trustonic has recently introduced a modular micro-TEE for size-constrained micro-controllers.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Device protection with secure execution environment

With TSP implemented during manufacture, all trusted code, whether installed by the OEM or by a third party, is physically isolated from both other code and the main device operating system.

TSP also embeds each device with an immutable trusted identity, enabling the identity to be cryptographically proven and validated throughout the lifecycle of the device. In addition, Trustonic’s Digital Holograms can be used so that each stage in a multi-step manufacturing process can be attested, providing protection against fraud and overproduction during manufacture.

Mobile Device Security Solution

Over 2 billion devices secured

  • Fast and easy integration, for out-of-the-box compliance with Android security requirements
  • High-performance security unlocks superior user experiences for OEM “comes with” apps and apps that users install after purchase
  • Zero increase in component BOM cost
  • Future-proofs devices: Enables security-sensitive services to be developed both pre- and post-manufacture
  • Proven, security-certified, standards-compliant solution
Mobile Device Security with Trustonic Secured Platform

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Trustonic Secured Platform product information. The mobile industry’s most complete mobile device security solution.

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Is secured by hardware
  • Trustonic’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) allows for devices to be embedded with a Trusted Identity (a Root of Trust)
  • Secures sensitive code execution and storage
  • Secures the installation of third-party services after device deployment
  • Secures interaction between the user and the underlying services (touchscreen, biometric sensors)
  • Interfaces with Secure Elements where relevant
  • Is proven and embedded into over 2 billion devices
  • Enables mobile operators to deploy Trustonic’s new Asset Lifecycle Protection Service (ALPS) to reduce device theft, fraud and trafficking

Secure mobile device peripherals

Trustonic’s (TEE) Trusted Execution Environment can also be used to drive secure peripherals, including Trusted User Interface (TUI), trusted NFC and trusted biometrics sensors. For example, with a Trusted User Interface, the display and touchpad can be isolated from the main device OS during a user interaction, allowing functions such as secure passcode entry and PIN on Glass.

Embedding TSP into devices delivers access to powerful and flexible security with no additional BOM cost. It enables the OEM and third-party developers to build secure applications that are not susceptible to attack from malware, trojans or other software threats.

Protecting Mobile Devices

Unique mobile phone security

  • Proven mobile phone protection technology, deployed in over 100 factories globally
  • Enables third-party apps to benefit from the secure platform, using a standards-based, simple-to-use SDK
  • GlobalPlatform and Common Criteria-certified
  • Embedded by 9 of the top 10 Android OEMs
  • Supports the use of Digital Holograms™, delivering full connected IoT device security, lifecycle management and attestation capabilities
  • Driver Development Kit enables the simple development of drivers for services such as biometrics and Trusted User Interface
  • Integration experts available locally to assist in deployments
Global Standards in device protection

Global Standards in mobile device protection

GlobalPlatform is a member-driven standardization body that develops specifications to facilitate the deployment and management of secure technology. Trustonic is a lead contributor to the GlobalPlatform TEE working groups and believes that standardization is key to the success of these solutions in the mobile industry.

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