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GlobalPlatform release TEE Internal Core 1.2.1 TEE Specification

I spend some of my time working on standardising API’s in the TEE.

In April 2019, the TEE Committee in GlobalPlatform started work on the 1.3 version of the main TEE API specification.

I can’t tell you what they are working on (join the TEE Specification Working Group to find out) but in order to focus on the real work the TEE Committee pushed out a quick maintenance release on last year’s TEE Internal Core 1.2 specification to clear the decks.

Nothing major. Fixed some typos’ and clarified some areas that could be misinterpreted. Hopefully all material a competent engineer could have worked out

The one addition that I really liked was the following new text which acknowledges that spec writers are human!

If you are implementing this specification and you think it is not clear on something:

1. Check with a colleague.

And if that fails:

2. Contact GlobalPlatform at

Hopefully this MIGHT reduce the number of instances we hear of, in the committee, where an implementer couldn’t understand some beautifully (but maybe not clearly) written part of the spec and so made a guess which has resulted in incompatibilities in their product.

I tried to also have the words DON’T PANIC above that, but it got taken out.

Download the TEE Internal Core 1.2.1. from here

Don Felton
Chair of TEE Specification Working Group, part of the GlobalPlatform TEE Committee
(My towel is in the bathroom)