Secure Platform

Secure by design is becoming a requirement worldwide. Governments and industry bodies are enacting regulation to ensure security is designed in rather than added on. When it comes to protecting the consumer against cyber-attacks, software protection alone is not strong enough to offer assurance to OEMs that the data and privacy of their customers will be fully protected.

Trustonic’s Secure Platform combines a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) with a Trusted Identity to provide hardware protection to device manufacturers. The TEE is an environment for secure code execution, secure data storage and isolation of peripheral hardware. When combined with a Trusted Identity, our Secure Platform enables authentication and verification as well as a secure channel for data and applications.

Key features and benefits of the platform:

Secure Boot Icon

Secure boot

Ensures integrity

Secure Data Icon

Secure data storage

Protects user and system data

Secure Execution Icon

Secure execution

Trusted code only

Secure Peripherals Icon 1

Secure peripherals

Protects connected hardware

Trusted Identity

Trusted Identity

Secure channel for application delivery

Trustonic Secure Platform

Our embedded device security platform enables a wide range of security features that will protect and secure critical data and applications, for many different industries.

Secure by design

Our Secure Platform supports Trusted Applications and drivers to allow code to run securely and to keep customers’ data secure.

Providing hardware-backed security allows device manufacturers to significantly enhance the protection of applications and services.

Services that we secure and protect

Our platform approach enables a broad range of use cases that are critical for today’s advanced connected devices, such as such as smartphones, IOT devices and connected cars.

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Key store
Secure Touch
Secure touch screen
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Secure communications
Over The Air Provisioning
OTA provisioning
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DRM & content services
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Digital car key

This level of security will serve as the foundation layer for these advanced connected devices.

Our OEM proposition

Our state of the art, GlobalPlatform compliant TEE, supports highly optimised cryptography, many times faster than competing open source alternatives. It also has secure video playback to support the highest quality streaming services, numerous security features and mitigations not found on other TEEs.

We invest in the performance, security and scalability of our market-leading TEE, which is available for integration on any ARM Trustzone enabled platform.

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