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A matter of policy…

My previous blog introduced an access management platform called ‘Oasis’, developed as part of my thesis many years ago, and made the case for its relevance for IoT today. This blog will look a little deeper into how the solution could be used in practice. As explained previously, Oasis relies on issuing ‘roles’ to client apps and devices. These roles indicate a function or capability of the client and, implicitly, the access afforded to them.

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Trust me, I’m a robot

Much is written about the need for IoT security and Trustonic, as well as other companies, has focused on providing the core capabilities needed for such a secure system. However, mapping the device to the user, or other authority that it represents, remains a black art. However, currently we have to just trust that some of the vendor-specific “magic”  works.

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Four Key Takeaways from GlobalPlatform’s TEE Seminar

After a busy day hearing from the industry’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) experts at GlobalPlatform’s TEE Seminar in Beijing, I’m back to business as usual. Amid the varied use cases, new deployments and vast potential for the TEE to provide security for digital services and devices, there were several stand-out themes and important takeaways for organisations involved in delivering digital services.

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KB Kookmin Bank launches the world’s first combined payments and messaging app protected by the Trustonic Application Protection solution

New Liiv TalkTalk app from Korea’s largest bank protected across Android and iOS devices.

Korea’s largest bank, KB Kookmin Bank, has worked with Trustonic and ATsolutions to secure its new peer-to-peer (P2P) payment and messaging app, Liiv TalkTalk. The state-of-the-art Trustonic Application Protection (TAP) solution encrypts and secures both the bank’s and end users’ data across the full range of Android and iOS devices.

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