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Trustonic Security Platforms celebrates landmark milestone four years after launch, reaching 1 billion devices and protecting more than 500 million applications worldwide.

Cambridge, UKDevice security and application security specialist, Trustonic has announced that, in the four-year period since the company launched, its Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) hardware security technology has now been embedded into more than one billion devices globally. This includes smartphones from most of the leading Android device makers worldwide, as well as wearables and other industrial and consumer (IoT) internet of things devices. This news reaffirms that the Trustonic TEE is the most widely-deployed TEE technology globally.

Trustonic TEE technology delivers security services to devices and applications, ensuring sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment within the main processor of a smartphone or any connected device. This offers security against software attacks by enforcing protection, confidentiality, integrity and data access rights. The Root of Trust also ensures that a trusted identity is preserved within the device, preventing fraudulent use or copying. Compared with other security environments on the device, the TEE also offers high processing speeds and a large amount of accessible memory.

Commenting on the milestone, Ben Cade, Founder and CEO of Trustonic, said: “In just four years, Trustonic has made the security benefits of the TEE available to the global mass market. Reaching this one billion TEE landmark is significant, not just for Trustonic, but for device manufacturers, providers of digital services and consumers everywhere. TEE technology, which offers the highest levels of on-device protection for digital applications and assets, without compromising performance or convenience for the end user, has now reached critical scale. We only anticipate demand for TEEs to continue growing, particularly following Google’s mandate for hardware-based protection for Android M onwards, to counter the continued rise in malware and hacking.”

Trustonic’s TEE is the only open TEE available. Uniquely, it permits third-party applications to be provisioned after the handset or device has been deployed, which opens up vast commercial opportunities for both device manufacturers and digital service providers. The latter will have the potential to dynamically add value to the end user by offering new secure services and functionality, once the device is already in their hands.

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